Envirotech Asia 2017 22 - 24 November 2017

ENVIROTECH ASIA provides a topical arena for industry professionals to enhance their technical understanding and share knowledge with their peers in non-commercial environment. Alongside the exhibition providing an innovative showcase of industry leading companies demonstrating the very latest technology and Arctic operations, we also have organized a conference featuring a holistic session of renowned speakers, technical presentations and panel sessions. The exhibition encourages companies by giving them the platform to promote themselves for consolidation in the face of a highly fragmented market.

Water Knowledge Europe 2017 29 - 30 November 2017

Under its new name ‘Water Knowledge Europe’, WssTP’s annual H2020 Brokerage & Working Group event is going to be held on the 29th and 30th of November in Brussels with the aim to enhance its members and network’s knowledge around the water-calls of the new Horizon2020 WP2018-2020 and to enable them to prepare successful project proposals. How will this happen?

A compelling agenda is now taking shape with four main sessions included in the programme. The event will open with an introduction to EU Funding Calls, featuring speakers from DG RTD, DG Home, DG Connect and EASME who will be there to provide guidance and special instructions on the preparation for the H2020 WP2018-20 calls. Participants will play their part, presenting their project ideas in a targeted session, which will be followed by a matchmaking session for all those who want to further network, share their views with new potential partners and create bridges to accomplish their futures projects. Successful ongoing projects will also have a position in the event, with a session dedicated to projects that will be there to give tips on how to prepare a successful project proposal.

On the 30th of November, WssTP Working Groups will be in the limelight presenting about the latest advances of their Working Groups, their current activities, as well as their annual work plan for 2018. WssTP Working Groups meetings will be open to WssTP members.

2017 WWT Water Industry Technology Innovation Conference 30 November 2017

As the industry gears up for the next AMP cycle and PR19, water companies must find innovative ways to enhance their business plans and prepare for long-term challenges.

Building on the success of the last five years, the 6th annual WWT Water Industry Technology Innovation Conference will provide attendees with the opportunity to hear how their peers are utilising game-changing technologies such as desalination, gasification and drones, and implementing innovative business strategies, with case studies and practical examples from across the sector.

15% DISCOUNT TO ATTEND: Global Water Intelligence contacts are entitled to a 15% discount to attend this event - enter GWI15 into the promo code box.

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