IoT Tech Expo Global 2021 17 - 18 March 2021

The world leading IoT Conference Series; the IoT Tech Expo Global will return to London for the fifth time on the 17-18 March 2021 to bring together key industries for two days of top level content and discussion.

Exploring the latest innovations within IoT and covering the impact it has on many industries including Manufacturing, Transport, Supply Chain, Insurance, Logistics, Government, Energy and Automotive, this conference is not to be missed.
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Water Infrastructure 2021 18 March 2021

With demand increasing across water supply infrastructure systems and climate change impacting both flood and water system resilience, it is vital to understand how the industry can improve water infrastructure efficiency and viability across the UK. This virtual event will provide you with the most up to date plans for the UK water network exploring how to response to increased demand, reduce leakage and maximise asset health. The day will also explore the most effective strategies on how to respond to climate change and meet net zero targets.

Global Water Intel members can also receive a 10% discount when registering by quoting the code 419GWI.

Water India Expo 2021 24 - 26 March 2021

India occupies 2 percent of the world’s land area, represents 16 percent of the world population and 15 percent of livestock, whereas it has only 4 percent of the water resources of the world.

Furthermore, India ranks 133rd out of 180 nations for its water availability and 120th out of 122 nations for its water quality. It has been evaluated that 80 percent of India’s surface is polluted which results in India losing US$ 6 billion every year due to water-related diseases. Challenges faced by the Indian water sector are due to increasing water consumption and wastage in urban areas, water-borne diseases, industrial growth, political and regulatory disputes, water cycle imbalances, increasing irrigation and agricultural demand, lack of technology, etc. According to estimates, India’s water sector requires investment worth US$ 13 billion.

Water India 2021 expo is an important platform created to show case products, services and solutions available in the water industry worldwide.
The event will provide comprehensive insight into the water industry–best practices, latest technologies, alternative solutions, emerging opportunity and business prospective.

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