Texas Desal 2019 Annual Conference 4 - 6 September 2019

The Texas Desalination Association invites you to join your colleagues and associates for the Texas Desal 2019 Annual Conference.  The theme of this years’ Conference, Desalination Now: Saying Yes to a Reliable and Affordable Water Supply, says it all.  This two-day conference is a great opportunity to network with others who have a genuine interest in desal and its affordability, including policy makers, regulators, water financiers and utilities.  Attendees will learn about the cost of desal versus not having a reliable source water, innovative technologies and get valuable updates on legislative and regulatory issues at hand from policy-driving leaders.  Register today and don’t forget to purchase your ticket for the Charity Wine Reception in support of the Ed Archuleta Scholarship and the Brian William Norris Foundation.

Planning the UK’s Water Infrastructure 5 September 2019

With £50 billion of investment planned by water companies between 2020-2050, what improvements are planned and what does this mean for water infrastructure and supply? How does the industry need to react now to meet future water supply needs and ensure resilience to drought and flood? The event will provide a complete update on the plans for water infrastructure including a focus on how to meet future water demands and create a resilient network - exploring the delivery of new infrastructure and projects, how to improve existing infrastructure through measures including reducing leakages and the use of new technology.

34th Annual WateReuse Symposium 8 - 11 September 2019

The 34th Annual WateReuse Symposium provides the most comprehensive education on water recycling that you will find anywhere, from innovations in centralized municipal systems to creative onsite treatment and case studies on industry, agriculture, and the expansion of reuse into new geographies. Plenary sessions will explore the broader policy and planning issues that will shape the future of water recycling, including communication strategies for elected officials, collaborations among non-traditional partners, and state regulatory successes and challenges. EPA Administrator for Water, Dave Ross, will also join us for the rollout of the National Water Reuse Action Plan.

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