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Sacyr Water Services (formerly called Valoriza Agua) is a water treatment company fully owned by the Spanish Sacyr Group. It is included in Sacyr Servives, head of the services activities in the Group.

The main speciality of Sacyr Water is desalination, with many successes in this field since 1995, and more than 2.2 million m³/day (in 100 units) installed or under construction.

Sacyr Water has also built many large size wastewater treatment plants including plants with tertiary processes or new technologies like MBR systems.

Within the industrial sector, the company has installed plants to produce ultrapure water with RO+EDI for power plants, and have also implemented other technologies (chemical dosing, EDR, electro-chlorination, ultra/microfiltration, MBS, etc.) for process water and effluent treatment.

Wastewater reuse is another important activity with technologies including different treatments (UV disinfection, filtration, MF, UF, advanced oxidation and desalination).

Sacyr Water Services has a great number of plants in operation and maintenance (desalination, wastewater, drinking water plants and reuse), with different contract modalities (EPC, BOT, BOO, O&M, Alliance, etc.).

In the international market, Sacyr Water has had important successes in different countries like Algeria, Spain, Tunisia, Chile, Israel, Oman and Australia, with offices all over the world.

R&D is another key area for the company, with different projects covering most of the technologies and processes.


  • Muchamiel, Marina Baja, Spain 2016-2018, 50,000 m³/d RO
  • Southern Seawater Desalination Plant, Binningup, Australia 2011-present, 306,000 m³/d RO
  • Aguilas, Murcia, Spain 2010-present, 210,000 RO
  • Skikda, Algeria 2010-present, 100,000 m³/d RO
  • Las Palmas III, Gran Canaria, Spain 2010-present, 80,000 m³/d RO
  • Tlemcem, Honaine, Algeria 2010-present, 200,000 m³/d RO
  • 2006-present, Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Spain, 21 m³/d RO
  • 2003-present, Cuevas de Almanzora, Almeria, Spain, 30,000 m³/d RO


  • IPW Sohar, Oman 2015, 250,000 m³/d RO
  • Nigeria, Newman, Western Australia, Australia 2013, 16,500 m³/d RO
  • Mantoverde, Chile 2012, 16,000 m³/d RO
  • Southern Seawater Desalination Plant, Binningup, Western Australia , Australia 2011, 306,000 m³/d RO
  • Tlemcem, Honaine, Algeria 2010, 200,000 m³/d RO
  • Barcelona, Abrera, Spain 2010, 200,000 m³/d EDR
  • Aguilas, Murcia, Spain 2011, 210,000 m³/d RO
  • Skikda, Algeria 2010, 100,000 m³/d RO
  • Nules, Castellon, Spain 2000, 6,000 m³/d RO
  • Urcisol II, Aguilas, Murcia, Spain 2000, 3,000 m³/d RO


  • Beni Saf, Algeria 2009, 200,000 m³/d RO
  • Repsol Cartagena, Cartagena, Spain 2008, 12,000 m³/d RO
  • Janubio, Lanzarote, Spain 2008, 5,000 m³/d RO
  • Djerba, Tunisia 2007, 5,000 m³/d RO
  • Socoin, Sagunto, Spain 2006, 1,800 m³/d RO
  • Garcia Carrion, Villanueva de los Castillejos, Huelva, Spain 2006 , 1,200 m³/d RO
  • Bahia de Alcudia, Mallorca, Spain 2005, 14,000 m³/d RO
  • Cuevas de Almanzora, Almeria, Spain 2002, 30,000 m³/d RO
  • La Oliva, Pulpi, Spain 2003, 2,000 m³/d RO
  • Pulpi, Almeria, Spain 2002, 6,000 m³/d RO
  • Calpe, Alicante, Spain 2002, 4,000 m³/d RO
  • Burriana, Castellon, Spain 2001, 4,000 m³/d RO
  • Vera, Almeria, Spain 2001, 3,000 m³/d RO
  • Urcisol, Aguilas, Murcia, Spain 2000, 3,000 m³/d RO
  • La Maraña, Balsicas, Murcia, Spain 2000, 2,500 m³/d RO
  • Primaflor, Almeria, Spain 2000, 2,000 m³/d RO
  • Campo Cartagena, Murcia, Spain 2000, 2,000 m³/d RO

Selected References: EPC contractor

  • Ashdod, Israel 2011, 274,000 m³/d RO
  • Adelaide, SA, Australia 2018, 17,000 m³/d RO