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Technoform is a market leader in the extrusion of technical thermoplastics for the construction industry and other industrial applications. The processing of materials with high amounts of fillers (like glass- / carbon-fibers, graphite or metal particles) enables Technoform to introduce polymer-based profiles to industries, where plastics have not been widely used before.

For water treatment applications, the extrusion specialist has developed polymer-graphite based materials and manufactures high performance heat transfer structures such as evaporator tubes. Combining the corrosion resistance of plastics with exceptionally high heat conductivity, they are an excellent alternative to current metal-based solutions in thermal desalination processes under harsh conditions.

The benefits are manifold: a very smooth surface can reduce fouling and especially scaling substantially, enabling plant operation with fewer additives and maintenance. Stable material availability, efficient logistics and reduced weight can furthermore reduce capital expenditure and the overall footprint of water treatment. Other applications of the technology include heat recovery and cooling processes that involve aggressive fluids.

Technoform is headquartered in Kassel, Germany and serves its customers around the world with over 1400 employees at 45 sales and production sites.

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