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Global Headquarters
2810 Weeks Ave Se,
MN 55414,
United States of America
T: +1 800 426 0149
F: +1 612 623 2500

Every day, SWM (now part of Mativ) membranes, films, nets and nonwovens are used in a diverse range of products, applications and industries around the world. As experts in highly engineered materials made from fibres, resins and polymers, we provide solutions to make products stronger, more durable and with increased performance.

We are experts in developing and manufacturing advanced materials for essential applications. Our engineering teams are ready to partner with you to solve your business challenge with innovative solutions.

Mativ supports the global water filtration industry by providing a full range of media including the most innovative feed spacers, membrane backing papers, permeate core tubes, and custom CNC-machined parts.

Reverse osmosis is a critical part of the world’s water supply, and for most RO plants, the key word is energy. Given the tremendous volume of water processed by RO plants, as well as the extremely high energy costs, even small improvements in efficiency can translate into large savings or increased product water output.

Producers of spiral wound membranes rely on Mativ to provide high quality specialty materials for Reverse Osmosis (RO) and other filtration applications. Learn more at