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Pentair Advanced Filtration delivers progress in water treatment. We are a leading international producer, developer and distributor of filtration solutions. We help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), engineering consulting firms and EPC contractors around the world to make the most of filtration technology. With carefully selected partners, we work on innovative concepts and installations that are always up to the job and point to the future of water management.

Membrane filtration is a proven and robust technology with great potential. Pentair Advanced Filtration is one of the world’s foremost membrane technology knowledge centers. We have the know-how and engineering experience to make the difference in challenging projects and deliver world-class water treatment systems. We are proud of our global track record and will continue to offer the valuable help that has earned us the trust and loyalty of customers around the world.



With X-Flow, Pentair delivers membrane technology to OEM’s, partners and contractors through a worldwide distribution network. We pride ourselves on going further than the competition by proactively supporting clients with today’s most effective technical solutions. The X-Flow Membrane+ Approach helps you solve any specific project-related problems, often before they even occur. Our engineers are committed to provide all the practical support required in every project phase from conceptual design to start-up and beyond. Our services include maintenance support and tailor-made training sessions to enable organizations to continuously improve operations and reduce operational costs.



Codeline membrane housings maximize the performance of water purification systems. They are well known for use in critical and demanding applications like desalination. With more than 600,000 vessels in service worldwide, Codeline has been setting the standards in the industry with continuous innovation and uncompromising reliability.
 With Codeline we hold one of the most trusted brands for pressure vessels for critical and demanding applications.

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Selected References

  • Sadara, Saudi Arabia 2013, 178,560 m³/d
  • Jubail Phase IV, Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia, 260,000 m³/d
  • Barka, Oman, 110,000 m³/d
  • FEWA Ghalilah, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, 171,000 m³/d
  • Ashdod, Israel, 930,000 m³/d
  • Jubail Phase II, Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia 2011, 240,000 m³/d
  • FEWA Al Zawrah, Ajman, United Arab Emirates, 115,000 m³/d
  • Candelaria, Chile, 100,000 m³/d
  • Nemmeli, Chennai, India 2010, 100,000 m³/d
  • Qingdao, China 2006, 100,000 m³/d
  • Shuwaikh RO, Kuwait 2008, 350,000 m³/d
  • Beckton, United Kingdom, 185,000 m³/d
  • Uramin, Namibia, 189,000 m³/d
  • Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 2005, 96,000 m³/d

Selected References: Seaguard UF membranes

  • Ashdod, Israel 2011, 274,000 m³/d RO

Selected References: Membranes ( UF )

  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India 2010, 100,000 m³/d RO
  • Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia 2011, 58,500 m³/d RO
  • Ajman, United Arab Emirates 2010, 45,460 m³/d RO

Selected References: Seaflex UF

  • Ghalilah, United Arab Emirates 2011, 68,140 m³/d RO


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