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Founded in 1884 in Switzerland, Omya is a global leading producer of industrial minerals and a worldwide distributor of chemical products. The company‘s major markets are the paper, plastics and construction industries as well as the water & energy, agriculture and consumer goods markets.

Omya focus on following water treatment markets:

  • Desalination Pre- and Post-Treatment (Remineralization, RO Pre-Treatment Chemicals)
  • Potable Water Treatment (Softening & Hardening, Heavy Metals Removal)
  • Surface & Ground Water Treatment (TSS Removal, Dewatering)
  • Waste Water Treatment (Heavy Metals Removal, Neutralization, TSS Removal, Dewatering)

Omya produces natural mineral products such as high purity drinking water approved (EN-1018, NSF-60) "Omyaqua" calcium carbonate for the post-treatment respectively remineralization of desalinated water (e.g. calcite contactors, limestone filter). With its broad engineering know-how and competence Omya develops water treatment processes such as the cost optimized "Omya Advanced Remineralization Process" (OARP) using "Omyaqua" micronized calcium carbonate for the post-treatment of desalination water.

New and innovative natural minerals-based products are developed targeting a more efficient removal of suspended solids (TSS), improve sludge dewatering performance or remove heavy metals in surface & ground water or process & waste water treatment. In selected countries Omya offers a range of water treatment products such as high performance Reverse Osmosis Antiscalants and Membrane cleaning chemicals.


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