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iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ has been designing, manufacturing and testing integrated pigging systems for over 38 years. With extensive engineering experience and expertise, the company has the capacity to offer custom designed engineering and full turnkey project solutions dependent upon specific client requirements.

We offer a vast range of products and services tailored for the cleaning of water intake pipelines to the global advanced water reuse, processing and desalination market. These include cleaning tools commonly referred to as pigs or scrapers together with ancillary equipment such as launching and receiving systems, pig handling equipment, pig diverters and pig passage or location tracking systems, ultrasonic flow meters and non-abrasive self-propelling pipeline water jetting systems.

We have provided complete pigging systems for pigs and foams from ½” up to 90” in diameter including pig handling, pig loading systems, pig launchers and receivers together with various purpose designed pigs which can include lights, video camera, gyroscope and accelerometer where required or any combination can be accommodated.

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ Solutions also offer a consultancy, which can advise on potential modifications and automations to clients existing facilities to improve pigs loading, handling and retrieval if required. We can also assist in measuring the effectiveness of the cleaning regime using our bespoke mapping system which can be mounted inside our bi-directional pigs or foam pigs.