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Entegris, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENTG) is a world-class supplier of advanced materials and process solutions for the semiconductor, life sciences, and other high-tech industries.

For decades, we have been committed to solving our customers’ most demanding process challenges through a broad solutions portfolio, collaborative and innovative product development, and a focus on science and applications knowledge. With advanced manufacturing capabilities, worldwide infrastructure, customer services, technical support, and unmatched technical expertise, we provide proven performance and reliability to protect your overall process quality and efficiency.

For over 50 years, we have successfully met the water purification specifications of semiconductors, the most demanding industry. From pre-reverse osmosis to clean-in-place processes we understand your challenges and work with you to provide reliable, easy-to-use solutions at a lower cost.

As far as desalination is concerned, Entegris offers corrosion-resistant multi-round filter housings and reliable filters to decrease downtime, increase filter life, and increase operational efficiencies from the laboratory to the largest municipal and industrial applications. These high-loading and low pressure drop filters improve the RO’s efficiency and reduce the plant’s overall energy consumption. For clean-in-place (CIP) filtration and chemical delivery, our solutions maximize system uptime and reduce operating costs.

Selected References: Equipment Supplier: Cartridge Filters

  • Mirfa-2, Mirfa, United Arab Emirates 2022, 550,000 m³/d RO
  • Sorek 2, Israel 2021, 670,000 m³/d RO
  • Adama expansion, Israel 2021, 5,184 m³/d RO
  • Umm Al-Quwain, United Arab Emirates 2019, 680,000 m³/d RO
  • Rabigh 3, Rabigh, Saudi Arabia 2019, 600,000 m³/d RO
  • Al-Dur II, Al-Dur, Bahrain 2019, 227,000 m³/d RO
  • Marina East, Singapore 2018, 137,000 m³/d RO
  • Adama, Israel 2016, 1,728 m³/d RO
  • Pacific Rubiales, Colombia 2013, 100,000 m³/d RO