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Danfoss High Pressure Pumps, part of the Danfoss Group, has a clear mission: to develop, manufacture and market the most energy-efficient high-pressure pumps and energy recovery devices for the reverse osmosis (RO) market.

Our APP high-pressure pumps are characterized by having some of the highest efficiencies in the market. Because they are easy to maintain and extremely compact, the pumps are driving more and more small to large-sized SWRO plants around the world. The largest pump, APP 86, has outputs of up to 88 m3/hour.

The iSave ERDs are isobaric energy recovery devices that are fully integrated with their own positive displacement booster pumps and electric motors. Flexible and compact, the ERDs are as easy to install as they are to operate. The largest ERD, iSave 70, has outputs up to 70 m3/hour.

Together, Danfoss APP pumps and iSave ERDs deliver the most energy-efficient package available on the market today. The products are made in Duplex and Super-Duplex materials, making them the perfect choice for high salinity SWRO applications.

Danfoss has production on 4 continents and sales in almost every country on the planet. We engineer technologies that enable the world of tomorrow to do more with less.


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