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Danfoss is a leading global player within the development and production of mechanical and electronic products and controls. Since 1933, our extensive know-how has made modern life easier and we continue to break new ground in our core business areas.

Every day, more than 250,000 items are produced at 72 factories in 21 countries. Impressive as these figures are, we are most proud of the way our dedicated employees apply the high-quality components in customer solutions, adding value to the end product. Danfoss employs above 27,000 people worldwide.

Building strong partnerships is of great importance to us, because it is purely by understanding out customers’ needs that we can meet the expectations of tomorrow.

Danfoss High Pressure Pumps is a fast-growing division of the Danfoss Group that is committed to engineer sustainable solutions that will help shape the world of tomorrow. To support professionals fight freshwater scarcity, Danfoss offers a wide range of high-pressure pumps, energy recovery devices, frequency converters and pressure transmitters.

Our global sales and service organization offers quick and reliable maintenance for all our applications, whether they are fixed or mobile, land or sea-based – anywhere in the world.

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