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Abu Dhabi Office
P.O. Box 2925,
Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates
T: +971-6272762
F: +971-6275845
Muscat Office
Universal Consulting Engineering LLC,
P.O. Box 3329, P.C. 112,
Sultanate of Oman
T: +968-24479018
F: +968-24481019
Cairo Office
P.O.Box: 223 Heliopolis,
19 Lotfi Street,
Manshiet El-Bakry,
T: +202 22574940 / 22579533 /
F: +202 24531271

Established 1964 (Kuwait), 1970 (Abu Dhabi), 1975 (Oman), 1983 (Egypt) by Dr. M. H. Ali El-Saie, the Owner and Managing Director.

Dr. El-Saie is one of the world’s experts and pioneers in the field of dual-purpose power and desalination plants.

Fields: Power Generation (SC, CC) (steam, gas and diesel): water desalination plants of different size, capacities and types (MSF, RO, VC, ME): cycle power, desalination plants and dual purpose plants including gas turbine with WHR boilers with desalination plants extraction condensing steam turbine with desalination plants, back pressure turbine with desalination plant, cooling water intake of different types and capacities up to 750 000/cm/hr and outfalls especially from and to the sea; water distribution and transmission; water pumping station; electrical, substation, distribution and transmission system; chemical plants such as salt, chlorine caustic soda and hydrochloric acid plants and civil, I&C (SCADA, DCS), fuel supply ad stores.

Services include feasibility studies, forecasts, networks flow and stability, engineering design preparation of tender documents, contract management and major tests at works, supervision of construction and commissioning of the plants guarantee period services.


Selected References: Engineering Consultancy

  • New Assuit Combined Cycle Engineering Works for Waste Water Discharge, Egypt 2019, 20,000 m³/d RO
  • Technical Evaluation of Al Yosr Plant and Preparing Tender for Operation and Maintenance, Hurghada, Egypt 2018, 80,000 m³/d RO
  • Assuit West CC Power Plant – waste water study problem, Egypt 2018, 6,000 m³/d Other
  • Upgrade of Um Al Zamool R.O. plant, United Arab Emirates 2018, 1,000 m³/d RO
  • Reef Oasis SWRO, Egypt 2018, 1,000 m³/d RO
  • Port Said phase 1, Egypt 2017, 40,000 m³/d RO
  • Repair Treatment of Cracked Concrete Structures (Intake Channel and Surge Structure), Port Said East, Egypt 2016, 200,000 m³/d Cooling Water
  • Preliminary Design and Bill of Quantities, Al Ain El-Sokhna Integrated Water and Power Plant (IWPP), Al Ain El Sokhna, Egypt 2016, 150,000 m³/d RO
  • Concrete Structures Repair at Sewage Treatment Plant, Port Fouad, Egypt 2016, 40,000 m³/d
  • Additional RO Unit Utilizing BWRO reject, Madinaty, Egypt 2016, 2,000 m³/d RO
  • Additional RO Unit in Madinaty Desalination Plant , Cairo, Egypt 2016, 1,600 m³/d RO
  • Desalination Plant, Hurgada, Egypt 2015, 80,000 m³/d RO
  • Cairo Festival City Project Desalination Plant, New Cairo, Egypt 2015, 5,000 m³/d RO
  • Sewage Treatment , Madinaty, Egypt 2015, 3,000 m³/d RO
  • Desalination of ground water in Madinaty, Egypt 2014, 10,000 m³/d RO
  • Sur RO Plant Bypass 800mm Pipe , Sur, Oman 2013, 42,000 m³/d RO
  • Masirah Seawater intake plant , Oman 2013, 15,000 m³/d RO
  • Halaniyat RO, Oman 2013, 300 m³/d RO
  • Taweelah (B), United Arab Emirates 2012, 450,000 m³/d MSF
  • Desalination Plant, Hurgada, Egypt 2012, 40,000 m³/d RO
  • Culverts Concrete Slab Repair , Ghubrah, Oman 2012, 27,360 m³/d MSF
  • Ghubrah Sea Water Line PH-3 intake to Ph-2, Oman 2012, 81 m³/d MSF
  • Desalination Plant, Richard bay, South Africa 2010, 100,000 m³/d RO
  • Desal Plant for 4x75MW Coal Fired Project in Sabah, Malaysia 2010, 5,000 m³/d RO
  • Desalination Plant, Al Ain Sukhna, Egypt 2009, 8,000 m³/d MED
  • Independent water & Power Project IWPP, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia 2008, 150,000 m³/d MSF
  • Plant at Dalma island, Dalma, United Arab Emirates 2008, 15,152 m³/d RO
  • Extension of Desalination Plant, Wilayat Diba, Oman 2008, 2,000 m³/d RO
  • Construction of Desalination Plant, Wilayat Bukha, Oman 2008, 1,000 m³/d RO
  • Extension of existing desalination plant in Sail Ramlah, Western Region, Oman 2008, 300 m³/d RO
  • Desalination Plant at Wilayat Bahla, Al Awaifiya, Oman 2008, 200 m³/d RO
  • Extension of existing desalination plant in Hitam, Western Region, Oman 2008, 200 m³/d RO
  • Extension of Desalination Plant, Qarn Al Alam, Oman 2008, 100 m³/d RO
  • SUR IWP Desalination Plant, Sur, Oman 2006, 150,000 m³/d RO
  • Plant at Al Yassat Al Soghirh Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 2006, 10,000 m³/d RO
  • Additional works for the New RO Plants at Al Yassat, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 2006, 10,000 m³/d RO
  • Replacement Desalination Plant, Sheesa, Oman 2005, 200 m³/d RO
  • RO Plants of Western Region, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 2005, 182 m³/d RO
  • SUR Centralized RO Plant, Sur, Oman 2004, 91,000 m³/d RO
  • Abu Taraba Desalination Plant, Bani Ghazi, Libya 2004, 40,000 m³/d MED
  • SUR Containerized RO Plant, Sur, Oman 2004, 4,500 m³/d RO
  • Desalination Plant, Port Sudan, Sudan 2003, 50,000 m³/d VC
  • Relocation of Desalination Units from Mirfa to Dalma, Mirfa, United Arab Emirates 2003, 9,000 m³/d Vapour Compression, ME
  • Dabba Experimental RO , Dabba, Egypt 2003, 100 m³/d RO
  • Desalination Plant, Hong Kong, China 2001, 144,200 m³/d VC
  • Power & Desalination Plant, Sharm Al Sheikh, Egypt 2001, 113,625 m³/d MED
  • Extension of Sur RO, Sur, Oman 2001, 4,545 m³/d RO
  • Water Supply & Sanitation Phase I, Sal Boa Vista, Cabo Verde 1997, 300 m³/d VC
  • Main Recycled Water System in Al Dhafra Region (Abu Dhabi mainland and Adjacent Island), Abu Dhabi and adjacent island, Al Dhafra, United Arab Emirates, 7,500,000 m³/d Other/Unknown
  • Consultancy services for Hydrogeological mapping, Geophysics, Well drilling and testing of the United Arab Emirates contract no. PCD-CS-0387-EQS-WDS-5113040, United Arab Emirates, 7,500,000 m³/d Other/Unknown