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Avista Technologies Inc.
140 Bosstick Blvd.,
San Marcos,
CA 92069, USA
T: +1 760 744 0536
Avista Technologies Ltd.
13 Nasmyth Square,
EH54 5GG, UK
T: +44 131 449 6677

Avista® is a global brand of Kurita focused on membrane treatment solutions for reverse osmosis (RO) systems, microfiltration/ultrafiltration (MF/UF) and multimedia filtration (MMF).

A global line of Avista membrane chemicals includes Vitec® antiscalants, RoClean® membrane cleaners, Kuriverter® IK biocides, Kuriverter® AC chlorine scavengers, and RoQuest® coagulants.

Regionally available Avista lines include AvistaClean® MF cleaners, RoCide® biocides, and AntiChlor Chlorine Scavengers, among others.

All Avista membrane chemicals are compatibility tested in accordance with key protocols accepted by the industry’s leading manufactures.

Our globally expanded technical support and laboratory capabilities include, Avista AdvisorCi chemical dosing software, Avista Black Box monitoring device, Avista Membrane Autopsy with Chromatic Elemental ImagingSM, and Avista OSCAR off-site cleaning and restoration.

To truly make an impact, Kurita formed the Avista® Center of Excellence, a global leadership team focused on membrane treatment research and development and technical training to drive more innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Avista membrane treatment solutions help to determine the right membrane chemicals to achieve peak system performance and operator confidence.

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