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Avista Technologies Inc.
140 Bosstick Blvd.,
San Marcos,
CA 92069, USA
T: +1 760 744 0536

Avista™ is a global brand of Kurita focused on membrane treatment solutions for reverse osmosis (RO) systems, microfiltration/ultrafiltration (MF/UF), and multimedia filtration (MMF).

A global line of Avista membrane chemicals includes Vitec™ antiscalants, RoClean™ membrane cleaners, biocides, Kuriverter™ AC chlorine scavengers, and RoQuest™ coagulants.

Regionally available Avista lines include AvistaClean™ MF cleaners, RoCide™ biocides, and AntiChlor Chlorine Scavengers, among others.

All Avista membrane chemicals are compatibility-tested in accordance with key protocols accepted by the industry’s leading manufactures.

Our globally expanded technical support and laboratory capabilities include Avista Advisor™Ci Online chemical dosing software, Avista Black Box monitoring device, Avista Membrane Autopsy with Chromatic Elemental ImagingSM, and Avista OSCAR off-site cleaning and restoration.

To truly make an impact, Kurita formed the Avista™ Center of Excellence, a global leadership team focused on membrane treatment research and development and technical training to drive more innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Avista membrane treatment solutions help to determine the right membrane chemicals to achieve peak system performance and operator confidence.