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Microza is a filtration module containing unique hollow fiber membranes developed by Asahi Kasei for filtration systems. Several types of MF/UF hollow fiber membranes are available, and in various organic polymers. Liquid filtration takes place through the pores, or gaps, in the hollow fiber wall structure. Microza membranes have sharp pore size distributions that provide superior and stable filtration performance.

Selected References: Equipment supplier: Membranes ( MF )

  • Doha, Kuwait 2016, 227,300 m³/d MF/UF

Selected References

  • Barka, Oman 2015, 56,780 m³/d MF/UF
  • Majis, port of Sohar, Oman 2013, 58,000 m³/d MF/UF
  • PingHai Power Plant, China 2008, 48,000 m³/d
  • DUQM, Oman 2008, 18,000 m³/d MF/UF
  • Yueqing Power Plant, China 2006, 48,000 m³/d MF/UF
  • Swansea, MA, United States of America 2006, 8,000 m³/d MF/UF
  • PTT Chemicals, Thailand, 66,500 m³/d MF/UF
  • Tampines VSP, Singapore, 11,800 m³/d MF/UF
  • TMVW, Belgium, 10,000 m³/d MF/UF
  • Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia, 10,000 m³/d MF/UF
  • BASF - Port of Antwerp, Belgium, 5,000 m³/d MF/UF
  • Long Beach, CA, United States of America, 3,800 m³/d MF/UF


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