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1802 Corporate Center Lane,
Plant City (Tampa),
FL 33563,
United States of America
T: +1 813-246-5448
F: +1 813-623-6678

American Water Chemicals® (AWC®) is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of advanced membrane treatment chemicals for reverse osmosis and microfiltration/ultrafiltration applications. Since our establishment in 1993, our unique understanding of water chemistry and ability to solve complex problems has earned us a worldwide reputation as a trusted membrane chemicals expert. 

AWC® specialty chemicals include antiscalants, cleaning chemicals, membrane preservatives, dechlorination chemicals, membrane-compatible coagulants, and biocides. All our chemicals are NSF-approved for potable water applications.

Our R&D scientists are constantly working on developing innovative new chemistries and more advanced analytical methods and calculations:  AWC® Proton® is the only software that uses ion complexes and activities to accurately predict antiscalant dosages based on the specific design and membrane selection of a reverse osmosis system.

We are renowned for our advanced laboratory services and in-depth membrane autopsies that identify the exact nature of the problems and their cause.  We were the first to apply the concept of elemental imaging to membrane autopsies, now a standard industry practice as other companies have followed suit. AWC® application chemists and technical support engineers provide worldwide support in process improvement, chemical selection, membrane cleaning, and system troubleshooting.

Join our community of elated customers, distributors, and industry partners - let us take you to the next level of performance. 

Selected References: Antiscalant supplier

  • Texas, U.S.A. 2019, 45,425 m³/d RO
  • Baja California, Mexico 2018, 215,767 m³/d RO
  • Peru 2018, 4,800 m³/d RO
  • Santa Cruz Province, Argentina 2018, 3,000 m³/d RO
  • California, U.S.A. 2017, 23,848 m³/d RO
  • California, U.S.A. 2017, 20,441 m³/d RO
  • California, U.S.A. 2014, 378,540 m³/d RO
  • Florida, U.S.A. 2014, 90,850 m³/d RO
  • California, U.S.A. 2014, 30,283 m³/d RO
  • Florida, U.S.A. 2013, 115,455 m³/d RO
  • California, U.S.A. 2013, 83,657 m³/d RO
  • Antofagasta, Chile 2012, 25,930 m³/d RO
  • Baja California, Mexico 2010, 17,413 m³/d RO
  • Florida, U.S.A. 2009, 75,708 m³/d RO
  • Florida, U.S.A. 2008, 85,172 m³/d RO
  • Florida, U.S.A. 2006, 56,781 m³/d RO
  • Florida, U.S.A. 2005, 45,425 m³/d RO
  • Texas, U.S.A. 2004, 30,283 m³/d RO