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Almar Water Solutions is a global company that drives progress by addressing one of the greatest challenges on the planet: access to water. Our main goal is to discover technological solutions that respond to water-related challenges and manage water resources efficiently to build more resilient and sustainable societies.

Almar Water Solutions develops non-conventional water solutions such as desalination and reuse in both the municipal and industrial sectors, implementing them with a firm commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability. We focus on two business areas: Project Development and Services, always oriented to meeting the client’s needs. Our team’s experience in international markets combined with the financial strength of Abdul Latif Jameel mean that Almar Water Solutions is the ideal partner for developing and managing water infrastructures, thus ensuring a constant supply of water for domestic, agricultural or industrial use. 

We invest and create synergies with leading companies in the sector to achieve common goals together, enhancing access to water in regions and industries in need. We also cooperate with private and public organizations, government agencies and financial institutions to implement projects and activities related to water supply. 

Selected References: Operation & Maintenance

  • Mantos Blancos Mining, Antofagasta, Chile 2020, RO
  • Ariztia Arica, Arica, Chile 2014, 2,400 m³/d Other/Unknown
  • Antucoya Mining, Antofagasta, Chile 2012, 2,930 m³/d RO
  • Novaustral, Punta Arenas, Chile 2012, 840 m³/d Other/Unknown
  • Centinela Mining, Antofagasta, Chile 2011, 2,765 m³/d RO

Selected References: Developer

  • Shuqaiq 3 Desalination Plant, Shuqaiq, Saudi Arabia 2019, 450,000 m3/day RO
  • Mombasa Desalination Plant, Mombasa, Kenya 2018, 100,000 m3/day RO

Selected References: Investor

  • Muharraq Sewage Treatment Plant, Muharraq, Bahrain 2011, 100,000 m3/day Tertiary treatment