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Akhan, No:15, 34437, Gümüşsuyu-İstanbul, TURKEY

Akkim Akualys Ultrafiltration (UF) Membrane Modules (NSF Approved) and Water Treatment Chemicals. 

Akkim, the pioneer chemicals manufacturer of Turkey and a subsidiary of Akkök Holding, founded in Yalova in 1977 and has expanded its production activities in many different fields past 42 years. Akkim is a chemical company serving its customers in 6 continents with a wide range of products including chlor-alkali and derivatives, peroxides, methylamines, persulfates, bisulphites, textile auxiliaries, paper chemicals, construction chemicals and water treatment chemicals. 

Akkök Holding has been in the fiber spinning business since 1950’s. Globally the largest acrylic fiber producer with an extensive technological background. This know-how has been the foundation of our hollow fiber technology as well. Akkim Ultrafiltration (UF) production facility has a state of the art design with new UF fiber production machines and high technology laboratory capabilities. All designs of the UF membrane and production lines are done in-house in Akkim R&D and Engineering departments.

The standard Molecular Weight Cut Off - MWCO of Akualys is 100 kD to 150 kD. Depending on the demand the MWCO could be changed. Due to the use of high technology and high quality PVDF polymer, the chemical and mechanical strength of the fibers are comparably much higher.

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