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Ing.- Pesendorfer-Str.31,
4540 Bad Hall,
T: +437258790-0
F: +4372583863

AGRU supplies the plastics technology that makes customers from all over the world successful in their widely differing industries. As a reliable, experienced supplier we offer everything from semi-finished products through to technologically optimised injection mouldings, all from a single source. We handle the challenges from thousands of proj¬ects and evolve our products and services on a rolling basis.

Uncompromising quality, outstanding customer benefit and high operational dependability are our maxims. We implement custom solutions and application-oriented new developments with the highest flexibility - with precision and economically. Our dedicated employees with plastics expertise make AGRU successful as a global player.


With its expertise in producing engi­neering plastics components and develop­ing tailored solutions, AGRU is present in virtually every sector of industry. The pos­sibilities opened up by our products are manifold, just as the requirements of our customers are diverse.

The thermoplastics worked by AGRU are extremely high-quality engineering poly­mers used in virtually all branches of in­dustry where durability, operational de­pendability, cost certainty and versatility are essential.

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